After many years working as a school psychologist for a student population dealing with emotional difficulties, I opened a practice in order to help others in the larger community. 

I continue to serve students within a self-contained public school who meet the special education criteria for an Emotional Disability in a suburb outside of New York City. My experience in this highly structured and individualized educational environment has allowed me to refine my skill set in remediation and therapeutic rehabilitation. I understand the importance of communication and working together as a team with teachers, family members, educational specialists, and private providers to ensure overall support for individuals.

Working in such a specialized area has also helped me understand the importance of transitionary services between the different levels of least restrictive environment and after graduating high school. The latter is one aspect that is crucial as young men and women continue their journey into adulthood.

I hope to extend the nurturing and therapeutic services I have been able to provide for many students and families over the years, to others in need of assistance.

When working with adults, I take an interactive approach that incorporates an understanding of a client’s place in relation to their family, work, and community.

A treatment plan is created that utilizes talk therapy as well as lifestyle changes. I can assist in areas such as emotional concerns, including depression, anxiety, concentration difficulties, and emotional dysregulation. 

Individuals struggling with relationship or work issues, low self-esteem, anger, irritability, sleep troubles, and questions of purpose in their life, all have the potential to find resolution, achieve relief, and reverse their behaviors by working through them collaboratively.



Treatment Approach

Client Focus